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Find the Biggest is an intuitive and interactive game designed to test and enhance the player’s perception and comparative skills. The game starts off with a simple tap on the ‘start’ button, ushering players into a level select screen. With levels unlocked sequentially, the journey of discernment begins, fostering a progressive learning and gaming experience. A notable feature is the game’s ability to automatically save progress in your web browser, ensuring that every little victory is remembered and every level unlocked is a stepping stone for future challenges.

The game’s controls are straightforward, enhancing the focus on the core objective. On desktop, a simple left mouse click is all that’s needed to select the correct answer, while on touchscreen devices, a finger tap does the job. The simplicity in control design keeps the gameplay smooth and the player’s attention undivided. The level select screen serves as a visual progress tracker, showing the levels unlocked and leaving the locked ones as a motivation to proceed.

The core gameplay is where Find the Biggest shines, encapsulating a variety of comparative tasks spread across 30 meticulously designed levels. Each level comes with a unique question, urging players to find the shortest, tallest, biggest, smallest, furthest, or closest item in a playful yet challenging setting. The game ingeniously uses everyday terms and objects, such as sticks and dots with numerical values, making the gameplay relatable and engaging. The task of identifying the item in relation to a central window on the screen adds a spatial dimension to the challenge, further enhancing the educational value of the game.

Levels are unlocked one after the other, with each new level bringing a fresh question and a different comparative task. The option to revisit and replay previously beaten levels adds a layer of replayability, allowing players to better their understanding and mastery over the comparative skills the game seeks to impart.

The win-loss mechanism in Find the Biggest is uncomplicated yet effective. Selecting the correct answer advances the player to the next level, while a wrong answer redirects them to the level select screen, a gentle nudge to try again. The unlimited tries feature is a reassuring touch, encouraging players to keep attempting until the right answer is found.

In a nutshell, Find the Biggest is a well-thought-out game that seamlessly blends learning with fun. The easy controls, engaging gameplay, and the progressive level design make it a delightful play while subtly honing the player’s comparative and analytical skills. Whether it’s identifying the longest stick or the dot with the highest numerical value, every click or tap brings with it a lesson in perception, making Find the Biggest much more than just a game.