Flying High Subtraction

Is Game or Full-Screen mode not working?

The game has a little bug. When you select a number, it will not change its color. So just click the number and then continue.

Play in Fullscreen Mode

Flying High

In the Flying High game, you just need to use the arrow keys to fly the plane and touch the correct number to answer the sum.

“Flying High Subtraction” is a vibrant and engaging game that helps players improve their subtraction skills. In the game, players take control of a high-flying airplane, navigating through a series of math-based challenges.

Each obstacle in the game represents a subtraction problem. Players must quickly solve these problems to safely navigate their airplane through the course. As players progress through the game, the subtraction problems become more challenging, testing their skills and encouraging improvement.

“Flying High Subtraction” provides an enjoyable and educational gaming experience with its colorful graphics, dynamic gameplay, and focus on math skills.