Geo Genius: European Version

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About European Version of this game

Geo Genius: Europe Version is a compelling geography game that focuses on the European continent. The game presents players with names of European cities or places, which they must drag and drop onto their accurate locations on an unlabeled map of Europe.

As players progress, the game introduces less-known locations, increasing in difficulty and testing the depth of their geographical knowledge. To keep the game challenging and engaging, each level is timed, encouraging quick and accurate decision-making.

Geo Genius: Europe Version also features a multiplayer mode. Players can compete against each other in identifying and placing locations on the map in the least amount of time. Leaderboards track the high scores and fastest times, providing a competitive edge to the game.

In conclusion, Geo Genius: Europe Version is a comprehensive and fun way to learn about Europe’s geography. Its competitive elements and increasingly challenging levels ensure a stimulating and engaging experience for players of all ages.