Math Man Junior

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About Math Man Junior Game

This Junior Version includes only Addition and Subtraction Problems. If you also want multiplication and Division, you can play the normal version of MathMan Game.

MathMan Junior Game is a fun online game that is similar to Pac-Man. The player controls Math Man, who must eat all the dots on the board while avoiding the ghosts. The game has five levels, and each level has more ghosts than the previous one.

The player must use the arrow keys on their keyboard to move Math Man up, down, left, or right. On touchscreen devices, the player can swipe their finger in the direction they want Math Man to move. The game has indicators that show the number of spare lives, the current level number, and the player’s score.

In addition to dots, there are also fruits on the board that Math Man can eat for bonus points. The ghosts in Math Man Game have different values on them, and the player must eat the ghost with the correct value that matches the equation shown on the board.

If the player eats a question mark, all the ghosts turn blue, and the player can eat them for bonus points. The power-up lasts indefinitely until the player eats a ghost. If the player eats a wrong ghost, they lose a life.

The game has a perfect level trophy, which the player earns by clearing all the dots and not losing any lives. If the player scores a perfect on all five levels, they unlock hard mode, where the ghosts stay in the game for the remainder of the level.