17th Shape

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About 17th Shape Game

“17th Shape” is a puzzle game that offers a unique twist on the popular 2048 genre. The game involves sliding and combining tiles with geometrical figures to form more complex ones, with the ultimate goal of achieving the 17th shape. The game is enhanced by two power-ups: the ability to regroup similar geometrical figures in adjacent positions, and the option to reshuffle the board when no more moves are available. Players have limited chances to use these power-ups, adding a strategic element to the game. Additionally, the game features a save function and auto-save after reaching a new shape, allowing players to continue from that point in future sessions.

The game controls are intuitive, requiring players to use the mouse or swipe on the screen to move the tiles. Each time two shapes are merged, a new shape is created, challenging players to see if they can reach the 17th shape. The game’s design and the progressive difficulty make it both engaging and challenging, appealing to fans of puzzle and skill games.