Arithmetic Line

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Playing Arithmetic Line Online

Starting the Game:
When you first open the game, there’s a big play button in the middle. Push it to begin! At the top of the welcome screen, there’s a question mark button on the left that shows you how to play. On the right, there’s a speaker button if you want the game to be quiet or loud. And guess what? Your web browser will always remember your highest score, and you can see it at the bottom center of the welcome screen.

Game Controls:
If you’re playing on a computer, use your mouse and click to make the ball change its direction. If you’re using a tablet or phone, just tap the screen with your finger to change where the ball is going. On the top, you can see a math problem and your score.

Game Play:
Ready to play? The ball starts moving diagonally by itself. To begin, either click or tap the screen. The ball will keep moving in one direction unless you change it. Don’t let the ball touch the wall or those big rock-looking things! Your main goal is to move the ball to the sign (like plus or minus) that makes the math problem at the top correct. Some signs might change size – be careful, because if they’re small, you can’t pass through! Make sure you pick the right sign, or the game will end. Every time you solve a math problem, you get a point. When you’re done playing, you can see how well you did and if you beat your best score!