Catch the Fish

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About Catch the Fish Game

The player is tasked with moving a boat from left to right, ensuring they catch the correct fish according to the letter sequence in the given word. Each round has a time limit of one minute and twenty seconds. Scoring is determined by the letters collected in the correct order, with bonus points awarded for completing a word. Players lose points for each incorrectly caught fish, whether it doesn’t appear in the word or was collected out of sequence.

The Catch that Fish game begins with a tutorial screen that provides an overview of the game’s rules. The player can access this tutorial again via the instructions button on the welcome screen. To start the game, players select a difficulty level and click on ‘Play Now’. The game can be controlled using either keyboard arrows or touchscreen arrows, depending on the device. The objective of the game is to catch the fish that corresponds with a letter in a word displayed above the character.