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Change Word A Work Jumble Game

From the welcome screen, you’re able to choose between ‘Quick play’ or ‘Category’ to start the game. A gear button located at the top right corner lets you control the game’s audio and choose between windowed and fullscreen modes.

In terms of controls, desktop users can change the position of letters by left clicking and dragging. Touchscreen users, on the other hand, can change their positions by tapping and swiping.

The gameplay involves selecting a category and forming words of varying lengths, just like Circle Words game. This can be done by dragging letters from the given alphabet list. A timer keeps the game challenging, and once it runs out, your score can be shared on social media.

There are also various types of hints available to assist you throughout the game, from showing all possible letters to form a word to shuffling for a completely new word. As you keep playing, you’ll gain more hints to help you tackle the more difficult stages.