Cashier Simulator

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Playing Cashier Simulator to Learn Some Math

In this game, the play button on the welcome screen starts your journey. Below the main screen, you’ll find a leaderboard button to check out the top scores, a customization button to personalize your gameplay, and a groceries button to view your acquired items.

For sound controls, the gear button on the bottom right corner is your go-to. Here, you can toggle the sound effects, music, and even choose between playing in timed or untimed mode. The game will automatically save your progress and best scores, and you can always keep an eye on your earnings at the top right corner of the screen.

When it comes to gameplay, it’s pretty straightforward. The prices of items customers bring are typed in manually. If an error occurs, it can be easily cleared. The game also accommodates for multiple items through the barcode scanner or by manual entry. After adding up all the items, select ‘Total’ to sum up the cost.

The payment methods available include cash, debit cards, and credit cards, with each having its own unique process. Remember to hand over the receipt by clicking or tapping and dragging it to the customer. The level is completed once all customers are served, and as you progress, new items and levels become available.