Boom Goes the Hipo

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About the Game

Make sure that you keep clicking on the start to get the question. Teachers can also use it as a teaching tool to ask questions.

To start, find yourself on the setup screen and select any option to get going. Whether you’re on a desktop or a touchscreen device, it’s as simple as clicking or tapping to select a fruit, then dragging it to the mouth of the hungry hippo.

There are various controls and indicators located at the top left of your screen. The enlarge button is an important one, as it allows you to switch between windowed and fullscreen modes. Another key function is the reset button, which provides the option to restart the game.

The gameplay comprises basic rules: spin the wheel to decide which fruit to feed the hippo. Once the fruit is selected, take it from the shelf and feed it to the hippo. The fun continues until the hippo is filled to bursting.

In the setup, you’re required to pick a category. The choices include Language, CVC, Initial, Medial, and Final. This selection will guide the words or sentences you’ll read throughout the game.