Arabic Letter Writing

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Welcome to the game! Once you arrive at the home screen, the button in the center is your gateway to start the fun. An option to control the game’s audio is conveniently located in the upper left corner. If you’re a new player, it’s recommended to leave the audio on, as the game’s narration can provide valuable assistance.

In terms of game controls, desktop users can make use of their mouse to draw letters. This can be achieved by a simple left click and a drag. For touchscreen users, just tap the screen and use your fingers to trace the shapes.

At the top left of your screen, you’ll find a button resembling a speaker. This function pronounces the displayed letter, aiding in your learning. Along the top-right side, you’ll find buttons for various functions such as quitting the game, toggling the audio, clearing drawings, and navigating letters.

Gameplay is fairly straightforward. Choose a letter and use your mouse or finger to trace the dotted lines. This will create the letter on your screen. Whenever you start with a new letter, the game provides its pronunciation, which can be repeated by selecting the speaker icon. Use the arrows in the bottom right to proceed to the next letter. Remember, practicing often will help you memorize the shape and names of the letters more efficiently!