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About Code Monkey Game

The game is divided into 32 sequential levels that are unlocked one after the other. The objective of each level is to move the monkey around using code blocks placed on a chain, with the ultimate aim being to reach the banana. Code blocks can be moved or deleted as needed, and additional complex commands are encountered in later levels. To earn a good rating, players must use no more than the specified number of commands and collect all coins in the level. The game encourages a trial-and-error approach and the use of efficient coding to successfully complete levels.

Starting this Coding game involves selecting ‘Play’ on the welcome screen. Here, players can also switch between windowed and full screen modes and control the game’s audio. The game progress is automatically saved in the player’s web browser. The player can control the game by clicking and dragging the code to the chain with a mouse or swiping with a finger on a touchscreen.