Dolch Sight Words With Pronunciation (Audio and Word)

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About this Sight Words Tool

Every word you see has 2 options: Play and Next. The play button will play the sound and the next button will show you the next Sight Word. You are going to love this sight word game.

  • Pre Kindergarten: First 40 words are for Pre-K Kids (Until the word “you”)
  • Kindergarten: Next 52 words are for Kindergarten kids (From “all” to “yes”)
  • Grade 1: Then Next 41 word are for Grade 1 (From “after” to “when”)
  • Grade 2: Then next 46 words are for Grade 2 (From “always” to “your”)
  • Grade 3: Last 41 words are for Grade 3 Kinds (From “about” to “warm”)

Confused? Need then categorized?

Visit this page where they are categorized, but there is no sound. We have put them together to help kids practice more as we already had them categorized earlier.