Find Me

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Playing the Find Me Game

Starting the Game
Welcome to the game! When you’re ready to play, just click on “Play” from the main screen.

Game Controls
If you’re on a computer, here’s what you do: take your mouse, click on an animal, and while holding the click, drag the animal to its matching card. Then let go to drop it! If you’re using a tablet or phone, it’s just as easy. Tap on the animal, then swipe your finger to the card with the animal’s name, and let go. Look at the top of your screen. There’s a bunch of buttons! The hamburger button takes you back to the main screen. If you want new cards to match, click on the reset button. For sounds, the speaker button turns the game’s noises on or off, and the music button controls the background tunes.

Game Play
Okay, here’s how you play! You’ll see animals in the center of your screen and cards at the bottom with animal names. Your job? Match the animals to the correct names! Just drag each animal to the card that has its name. Get all 3 matches right, and you win! Want to play again? When you see the win screen, press the play button for a fresh set of cards. Have fun!