Identify the Number 3

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About this game

Starting the Game: Upon arriving at the welcome screen, the ‘Play’ button is your gateway to commence the game. This game is accompanied by a narrated guide, making it easier and more enjoyable, especially for first-time players. Hence, it is recommended to keep the audio on to get the full experience.

Game Controls: Desktop: Navigating through the game is quite straightforward. Utilize your mouse and a simple left-click to make selections. Touchscreen Devices: On touchscreen devices, tapping the screen with your fingers will make the necessary selections, ensuring an easy and intuitive interaction.

Game Play: Basic Rules: The game proceeds in a structured manner, where movement is allowed only post-narration. Adhering to the narrated instructions is essential to identify the number one and the items representing this number. Generally, your task will involve selecting a single item, although occasionally, you may need to engage in dragging and dropping items or selecting multiple items simultaneously.

Walkthrough: As you immerse yourself in the game, initially, you’ll be moving the number three to a designated hole, with three bananas nearby symbolizing the number three’s position. The journey continues as you tap on each birthday cake to hear and identify the number of layers, each being represented by the number of candles atop them. Following this, you’ll rearrange popcorn tubs to their correct positions, repeating this action thrice for different sets. As the game progresses, a whimsical train scene unfolds, where moving numbers to their correct positions on the train carriages is your mission. The gameplay shifts to a playful scenario where tapping on toys allows you to count them, followed by selecting the number that corresponds to the total count of toys displayed onscreen. Lastly, a sweet challenge awaits as you drag and drop groups of candies into candy jars, ensuring the number of candies matches the number indicated on each jar. Each stage of the walkthrough offers a unique engagement with numbers, fostering an enjoyable learning experience.