Arty Mouse & Friends: Learn ABC (Tracing)

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About this ABC Learning Game

This is a letter-tracing game. It will help kids learn lowercase of Alphabet tracing. It’s a great way to get started learning to write ABC.

This educational game, ideal for players learning to spell the alphabet, begins at the welcome screen where you’ll find the main controls. You can start the game by selecting the play button to the left. The gear button opens the game’s sound effects screen, allowing you to adjust the volume using two sliders; the top slider for music and the bottom for sound effects. You can switch between windowed and full-screen modes by selecting the enlarge button in the top right corner.

The game supports both desktop and touchscreen devices. On a desktop, you can use your mouse to left-click and drag in order to draw. For touchscreen devices, simply tap on the screen with your fingers to draw. There are several controls and indicators for your convenience. The gear button in the top right corner opens the game’s settings, allowing you to adjust the music and sound effects volume. To proceed with the game, select the ok button located in the bottom center.

The game offers 26 levels, each representing a lower-case letter. You have the freedom to start with any level you prefer. The basic gameplay requires you to follow a dotted line to draw the letter. Upon completion of the letter, the space gets filled in. Once the entire space is filled in, the letter is considered finished and you can move on to the next one. If you complete the letter ‘a’, the next letter will be ‘b’, and so on, cycling back to ‘a’ once you finish ‘z’.

Designed for early learners, this game has no adult-themed content, making it a fun and safe learning tool for young players mastering the alphabet.