Buster Baxter Lung Defender (Asthama)

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About this Game

This educational game is designed to teach kids about the triggers and causes of asthma, enabling them to identify and avoid them. To commence the game, select the play button located in the lower right corner of the welcome screen. The game opens with a narrated cutscene that lays out the game’s concept and controls.

Although the game is playable on touchscreen devices, it is optimized for desktop controls. On a desktop, players can move the mouse to navigate through the game and left-click to grab the asthma triggers.

The interface of the game is both engaging and informative. A meter on the bottom right displays your progress through the level. Your current level score can be viewed at the bottom center, and the bottom left shows your rank and the type of trigger present in the level.

Gameplay centers around collecting various asthma triggers – airborne particulates that can induce asthma attacks. These include pet dander, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and secondhand smoke. The introductory cutscene explains the origins of these triggers. The objective is to collect as many of these triggers as they enter the lungs to prevent an attack. Each missed trigger causes the lung walls to close in, covered in mucus.

Each playthrough consists of a round of 5 levels. Completing a round elevates your rank, starting from ‘cadet’, with a total of 5 additional ranks achievable. As you progress, the allergy triggers move at increasing speeds.

Your goal is to reach the end of the level without the lung walls closing in completely. Successfully completing a level triggers an animation showcasing your full score for that level. Each trigger collected is worth 10 points, allowing for a maximum score of 150 points per level and 750 points per round.