Animal Word

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About Animal Word Game

To initiate the game, navigate to the welcome screen and click the play button. The game’s interface accommodates both desktop and touchscreen devices. On a desktop, the game controls involve utilizing your mouse to left-click and drag the letters to the corresponding spaces. Conversely, for touchscreen devices, the controls require you to tap, swipe, and drop the letters onto the spaces with your fingers.

The controls and indicators of the game are divided into two rows. The top row from left to right contains the hamburger button, which exits the game and navigates you back to the welcome screen. The reset button introduces a fresh set of pictures for you to interact with. The music button and speaker button give you control over the game’s music and audio effects respectively, allowing you to turn them on or off as per your preference. The bottom row features an onscreen keyboard to aid in the gameplay.

The gameplay involves completing the names of the two animals displayed onscreen. You must choose the missing letter from the keyboard situated at the bottom center of the screen and then drag and drop the letter to the appropriate space in the animal’s name to complete the word. Once you’ve finished both words, the level is cleared and another one is automatically loaded for continued play. You can enjoy the game for as long as you wish.