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About the Animal game

To start the game, you’ll need to select ‘play’ on the welcome screen. The game can be played on both desktop and touchscreen devices. For desktop users, you control the game by using your mouse to left click, drag and drop the name tag to the corresponding animal. For those on touchscreen devices, you tap and swipe the name tag to the appropriate animal.

There are a series of controls and indicators located on the top row of the screen from left to right. The hamburger button allows you to exit the game, bringing you back to the welcome screen. The reset button is used to generate a new set of cards for you to match. The speaker button gives you the option to toggle the game’s audio effects on or off, and the music button similarly controls the background music.

The gameplay is straightforward yet engaging. Your task is to bring the name tag to the correct animal. You have three block-shaped animals to choose from. If you drag the name to the incorrect animal, it won’t stick and the name tag will return to the bottom center of the screen. However, if you manage to drag the name tag to the correct animal, the game will generate another set of three animals and a new name tag for you to continue. You can keep playing for as long as you desire.