Add It Up 2

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If you are looking for easier version, try First Verison Here.

Upon launching the game, you are greeted with several options. Click on the red and white Play button to start the game. Additional options are available to the right of the Play button, including Help, Highscores, and More games. A language selection dropdown is conveniently located in the lower-left corner, while buttons for sharing the game on social networks and accessing the game developer’s information can be found in the lower-right corner.

The game controls are straightforward and user-friendly. For desktop players, a left mouse click is used to select the tiles you wish to add. For touchscreen device users, simply tap the screen with a finger to select the tiles. The control panel, located on the right rail, displays your target sum, current level number, and score. At the bottom of the panel, there are four buttons for pausing the game, controlling game music and sounds, and switching to full-screen mode.

The game features an engaging play mechanic revolving around adding tiles. When a tile is selected, it displays the number in yellow against a black and white snowy TV background. If the sum of the selected tiles matches the target number, they disappear from the playfield. If the sum is above the target, all your selected tiles will be deselected without any disappearing. However, if you are below the target sum, the tiles you selected will remain until you either reach or exceed the target sum, or the timer runs out. Tiles can be deselected by tapping them.

The game consists of 50 levels which are played sequentially, with each new level automatically starting once the previous one is completed. The game maintains the same grid size across all levels, but the timers speed up as you progress. Unlike the first version of this game where you had to clear all tiles to advance to the next level, in this version, the tiles for the next level fall into place over the top of some remaining tiles from the previous level.

Finally, the game concludes if the timer reaches zero. However, you can bypass this by clicking onto the background of the game and adding to the target sum, which allows you to continue your game indefinitely. This feature provides an unlimited number of continues, adding an additional strategic element to the gameplay.