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About Base 5

Kickstarting the game requires a simple left click or tap to load the welcome screen. On this screen, the play button at the center initiates the game, while the speaker button at the top right corner manages the game’s sounds. Your web browser will conveniently save your game progress and high score. You can view your previous high score displayed prominently at the center of the welcome screen. If you wish to reset your score and clear your previous high score, simply select “Hold here”.

In terms of game controls, desktop users can select a number on the grid with a left click of the mouse. For touchscreen devices, a tap on a number on the grid will select it. Control options and indicators are neatly arranged for easy access. From left to right on the top row, you’ll find the grid button, which allows you to quit the game and return to the welcome screen, and the reset button, which restores everything to its original state. The top center displays the current score, best score, and a timer. There’s also an enlarge button for switching between windowed and full screen mode and a speaker button. The bottom row shows the current number and the next number.

The gameplay revolves around forming base 5 numbers by adding the number at the bottom center to any numbers on the grid. A base 5 number is a multiple of 5, such as 5, 10, 15, and 20. These numbers typically end with a 5 (like 25, 35, 45) or a 0 (like 10, 50, 100), and they can be positive (5, 10, 15) or negative (-10, -15, -30). However, for this game, 0 is excluded. After choosing a number from the grid to add to the number at the bottom, if the sum forms a base 5 number, it gets removed from the grid and replaced by a new one. If it doesn’t, the new number remains, which can be used to make a different base 5 number. The objective is to create as many base 5 numbers as possible before the timer runs out, which starts ticking the moment you select any number on the screen.

The scoring system is quite straightforward. Each base 5 number formed earns you a point. Your best score is displayed under your current score on the game screen.