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Make all Equal is a thought-provoking puzzle game that challenges players to balance numerical values across different boxes to achieve equality. In each level, players are given a target number and must strategically move numbers from one box to another until the sum of the numbers in each box equals the target. This requires not only a good grasp of addition and subtraction but also strategic planning and foresight, as each move can drastically change the dynamics of the puzzle.

The game’s concept is simple yet deeply engaging, as it combines elements of math, logic, and strategy. Players must consider the impact of each move, as the goal is to achieve balance across all boxes. This encourages a deeper understanding of numerical relationships and problem-solving strategies. The progressive difficulty of the levels ensures that players are constantly challenged, making the game suitable for a wide range of ages and skill levels.

Make all Equal stands out as a unique and educational game that goes beyond traditional arithmetic practice. It fosters critical thinking and encourages players to think outside the box, making it an excellent tool for enhancing mathematical intuition and strategic planning. The satisfaction of achieving balance across the boards serves as a great motivator, pushing players to tackle increasingly complex challenges. This game is perfect for those who enjoy puzzles and are looking for a fun way to improve their math and problem-solving skills.