Battle of the Zombies (Addition)

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About Battle of the Zombies

To kick off the game from the welcome screen, click or tap on “Let’s Battle”. Following that, select a zombie of your choice. You can use the enlarge button located at the top right corner to toggle between windowed and full screen modes.

When it comes to controls, desktop users can utilize their mouse to left-click on the correct answer. For those on touchscreen devices, simply tap on the desired answer.

In terms of gameplay, you are positioned on the left side of the screen while your opponent is on the right. The core of the game revolves around answering onscreen addition questions to initiate attacks. Your possible answers are displayed in the form of two choices on the bottom row of the screen. You are given a time limit of 10 seconds to respond.

Answering correctly will trigger a successful attack against your opponent. However, an incorrect response or a lapse of time without answering will result in your character being attacked. Running out of hit points means game over for you. The key to winning is to continuously answer correctly, gradually wearing down your opponent. The game is won by outlasting your adversary.