Biggest, Smallest, of Equal

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To commence the game from the welcome screen, left-click or tap anywhere on the screen. The game automatically saves your highest score using your web browser. If you wish to clear your previous progress and reset your highest score, select ‘Hold here’. Bear in mind, this action is irreversible, so confirm your intent before choosing this option.

For desktop users, the game controls involve using your mouse to left-click on the correct answer. For those on touchscreen devices, tap on the correct answer using your fingers.

The game’s controls are positioned on the top row, listed from left to right as follows: a Pause button, a Reset button for starting the game from scratch, and a Speaker button to control the game’s audio. Additionally, there are indicators present on the top row of the blackboard, which depict your current score and timer on the left, and your best score on the right.

In terms of gameplay, the objective is to correctly answer 10 questions on inequalities within a time frame of 1 minute and 30 seconds. The task is to select the number that best matches the answer to the question, which requires determining whether one number (either a single number or the result of an operation) is larger or smaller. In cases where the numbers presented are equal, the equal sign should be chosen.

Scoring is based on the number of correctly answered questions. Each correct answer earns you 1 point, but a streak of correct answers in a row can increase your points. For instance, after 2 correct answers in a row, you receive 2 points, followed by 3 points for 3 correct answers, and so on. However, a single mistake can cost you your bonus, resetting your chain and forcing you to start over. Additionally, for every second left on the timer, you are awarded bonus points. Your best score is displayed on the top right corner of the game screen.