Bird Line Math (Addition)

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About this Addition Game

To initiate the game from the welcome screen, select ‘Play’. If you wish to view the game’s tutorial, opt for ‘Instructions’. On the bottom left corner of the welcome screen, you’ll find options to turn the game’s music and sound effects on or off by clicking on the respective music and speaker buttons.

Game controls for desktop users involve using the mouse to left click on a bird, thereby adding its number to the equation. For touchscreen devices, tap on your chosen bird to add it to the equation.

Key controls and indicators are located across the screen. On the top left corner, you’ll see the target number. The top center shows your score and the bonus timer, while the bottom left corner displays remaining moves, music, speaker, and pause buttons. The total of the equation can be found on the bottom right corner.

The primary rule is to meet the target number shown on the top left corner by selecting birds to add to it. They’ll then drop the number on the nest located on the right side of the screen. Keep an eye out for more birds with varying numbers. You must finish the number within the given moves, and upon completion, you will receive a new target number and an additional move. If you’ve finished a number with 0 moves left, you’ll be awarded an extra two moves. Continue playing until you either exceed the target sum or fail to complete a number within the required number of moves, which will mark the end of the game.

For scoring, earn points by successfully completing the displayed number. Doing so more rapidly will yield more points. Continue playing as long as possible to maximize your points. Remember to be strategic: match numbers efficiently early in the game to conserve moves for later stages when the target numbers grow larger. Also, consider using a number tile that forms the majority of the target sum as your first tile in the later stages, making it easier to complete the sum with smaller tiles.