Brandler (Guess Word)

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About Brandler Game

To initiate the game from the welcome screen, click the play button. The enlarge button positioned on the top left corner allows you to switch between windowed and full-screen modes. On the top right corner, you will find two buttons. From left to right, these are the question mark button, which opens the game’s tutorial screen, and the speaker button, responsible for toggling the game’s audio on or off. The game automatically saves your high score using your web browser.

Desktop users should use their keyboard to type in the letters of their best guess. For those using touchscreen devices, the onscreen keyboard can be utilized by tapping with your fingers.

The game’s controls and indicators are displayed on the top row. From left to right, you have the ‘Give Up’ option, which instantly solves the puzzle without awarding any points, followed by your current score, the question mark button for the tutorial, and the speaker button to manage the game’s audio.

The gameplay requires you to guess the word represented by the empty spaces within six tries. It’s essential to note that letters can appear more than once in a word. Each letter you guess will be highlighted based on its relevance to the word: beige for letters not found in the word, orange for letters present but incorrectly placed, and green for correctly positioned letters. All the words you’re trying to guess are names of real-world brands. The points you earn are contingent on the number of tries you take to solve each puzzle.