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If you are looking for expert version, Try Add it Up 2.

Upon launching the game, you’ll find yourself on the welcome screen where you can select “Play” to start the game or “Help” to access the tutorial and learn the rules. You can also view the leaderboard by selecting “High Scores.” A drop-down list at the bottom left corner of the screen lets you choose your preferred language. One of the features of the game is the auto-save function, which saves your progress in your web browser. When reloading the game, you can choose to start a new game or resume from the last level you unlocked. You also have the option to save your high score to the leaderboard upon completion or termination of the game.

The controls are simple and accessible. For desktop users, you form the target sum by left-clicking on the numbers with your mouse. If you’re using a touchscreen device, you can tap on the numbers to form the target sum. The controls and indicators are displayed on the right side of the screen. From the top, these are the target sum, the level number and score, the pause button, and a row of three buttons: the music button for controlling the background music, the speaker button for managing the sound effects, and the enlarge button for switching between full-screen and windowed modes.

The game comprises 50 levels, each with increasing difficulty. The game begins with a 3×3 grid, which expands in size at regular intervals. This change introduces more complexity to the game as players must glance through grids with many more blocks to find the correct sum. As you progress, the grid size expands from 3×3 to 8×8 at level 41, meaning there can be as many as 64 blocks on the grid.

The basic gameplay involves selecting numbers that add up to the target sum before the timer runs out. Your score for each target sum is determined by how many numbers you used to reach the sum and how quickly you assembled the sum. The game ends if you fail to form the sum within the allocated time. While the game allows you to continue from where you left off if you quit between levels, missing the timer even once results in a game over, and you have to restart from the first level. When you reach a game over, you have the opportunity to save your final score to the leaderboard. As you progress to higher levels with more blocks, strategically using many low-numbered blocks early on can help clear out many blocks and make it easier to find matches.