know Your Pets

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know Your Pets

You get 2 chances to select the correct answer. Answering in one go gives you 500 points and answering in second go gives to 250 points.

“Know Your Pets” is an educational and family-friendly quiz game that tests players’ knowledge of various pets. The objective of the game is to recognize different pets through pictures and possibly achieve a new high score by correctly identifying them. It’s designed to be enjoyable for players of all ages who love animals and want to test their knowledge of our furry friends.

You can find this type of game across various online gaming platforms, where it’s typically listed under categories like educational, kids, or puzzle games. These games usually offer a mix of learning and fun, and they are a great way to engage with the subject of pets in an interactive format.

For a similar experience, look for games that are tagged with education, puzzles, or quizzes that can offer a fun learning experience about pets.