Math Mahjong Advanced Addition

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Playing the Advanced Addition Version of Math mahjong

“Math Mahjong Advanced Addition” builds upon the foundation set by “Math Mahjong Addition”, offering a more challenging version of the beloved math-based tile-matching game. Like its predecessor, “Math Mahjong Advanced Addition” requires players to match tiles containing numbers and equations that result in the same total, such as ‘8’ matching with ‘4+4’ or ‘2+6’.

The game also retains the rule that tiles must be unblocked from the right or left before they can be matched, with unblocked tiles highlighted in pink. However, “Math Mahjong Advanced Addition” introduces more complex equations and larger numbers, providing a greater challenge for players and making strategic tile matching even more crucial.

The goal of “Math Mahjong Advanced Addition” remains the same: match all the tiles to win. But with its more complicated equations and increased difficulty level, it offers a satisfyingly challenging gaming experience that tests both math skills and strategic thinking. It’s a stimulating and enjoyable game that seamlessly combines entertainment and education.