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About this Math + Memory game

Upon opening the game, you are greeted with a welcome screen offering two options: “New Game” and “Help.” The “New Game” option lets you begin your gaming adventure, while the “Help” option provides insights into the rules of the game. You also have the option to select a specific game mode such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, or a mix of all four.

For desktop users, the game controls are simple. You use your mouse to left-click and select a card. If you’re using a touchscreen device, you just tap on the cards to select them. The control panel of the game is divided into two rows: the top row and the bottom row, with different indicators and controls aligned from left to right.

The gameplay is designed to test and enhance your problem-solving skills. The basic objective is to match card pairs that together form a complete mathematical equation. At the start of each level, all the cards are briefly displayed face up before they turn face down. You can then select one card to turn face up and choose another to attempt to form a pair. If the selected pair forms a correct equation, they remain face up. If not, they return to the face down position, challenging you to remember the cards for future matches.

Your performance in the game is evaluated based on two factors: the total number of moves you make and the speed at which you complete the game. The goal is to match all the card pairs in as few moves as possible and as quickly as you can. To improve your scores, you can replay the game as often as you want.

The game consists of various levels that progressively increase in difficulty. You start each gaming session on the first level and upon its successful completion, the next level gets unlocked. As you advance, the number of cards increases from 8 to 12 after Level 3. By Level 6, you’ll be playing with 16 cards, and by Level 9, there will be 20 cards. At Level 11, the number peaks at 24 cards. The game encourages you to play through as many levels as you can, providing an engaging and challenging experience.