Math Man Multiplication (1 to 10)

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About this game

Math Man Multiplication (1 to 10) is the intermediate level game in the series, designed for players who have already mastered basic multiplication skills up to 5 and are ready to tackle more challenging problems. This game covers multiplication with numbers ranging from 1 to 10, providing a more advanced learning experience for players seeking to improve their skills further. Similar to the first game, players must guide Math Man to eat the ghost with the correct number as the answer to the given multiplication question.

The gameplay mechanics remain the same, with the spacebar used to scatter the ghosts and stars acting as power-ups to temporarily freeze the ghosts. The increased difficulty of this game keeps players engaged and challenged while ensuring that their multiplication skills continue to progress. Math Man Multiplication (1 to 10) perfectly combines learning and entertainment, making it an excellent choice for players who want to enhance their multiplication skills further.