Sketch’s World (Subtraction)

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Sketch’s World (Subtraction)

Sketch’s World is a subtraction along with the game in it. After each level, you get to play a short time to keep your entertained in which you can move the character with arrow keys and jump with Spacebar.

In “Sketch’s World (Subtraction)”, players join Sketch on an adventurous journey through different worlds, tackling subtraction problems along the way. Sketch needs the players’ help to navigate the challenges and obstacles by solving subtraction problems.

Each level brings a fresh set of subtraction problems, with the complexity gradually increasing as players make progress. The dynamic and immersive environment of the game makes the learning experience engaging, ensuring players remain focused and entertained.

“Sketch’s World (Subtraction)” offers a brilliant blend of entertainment and learning. Its appealing design, captivating gameplay, and focus on subtraction make it a valuable educational tool for children.