Monkey Drive: Mixed Math (Number up to 10)

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Info about this game

The Mixed Problems variant of Monkey Drive offers an all-inclusive platform for mastering various arithmetic operations.

In this engaging game, you are given a target number and a series of barrels. Each barrel is labeled with an arithmetic operation and a number. The barrels may show the outcomes of addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division operations.

Your task is to strike the barrel which accurately solves for the given target number, taking into consideration the operation on the barrel.

For example, if your target number is 9, you could aim for a barrel marked “3 * 3” or another one that says “15 – 6”. The key is to find the barrel that resolves the operation to your target number.

Monkey Drive enhances mathematical learning experiences, making them more enjoyable and interactive while strengthening crucial mathematical concepts and improving numerical proficiency.