Croc Doc – Division Game

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About Croc Doc game

Croc Dentist – Division Game is an entertaining educational game that helps students practice their division skills while acting as a crocodile dentist. Players must carefully select the correct crocodile and brush its teeth based on the division problem provided. The game has two modes: Easy and Super.


  1. The game starts with a brief tutorial explaining the rules and controls.
  2. A division problem appears at the top of the screen (e.g., 30 ÷ 5).
  3. Several crocodiles with different numbers on their teeth will appear below the division problem.
  4. Players must use their mouse to click on the crocodile tooth with the correct answer to the division problem.
  5. When the player clicks the correct tooth, the crocodile dentist brushes the crocodile’s teeth, and the player earns points.
  6. The faster the player selects the correct answer, the higher their score.
  7. As the game progresses, the division problems become more challenging, with larger numbers and a mix of remainders.


  1. Easy Mode: This mode is suitable for beginners, featuring simple division problems and a slower pace. Players can hone their basic division skills and build their confidence in a more relaxed environment.
  2. Super Mode: This mode offers more challenging division problems and a faster pace, making it suitable for players who have mastered the Easy mode or those looking for a more demanding experience.

Croc Dentist – Division Game combines fun gameplay with educational value, providing an enjoyable way for students to practice their division skills and develop their mental