Colorful Boxes

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About the game

When you start the game, you’ll be greeted by the welcome screen where you can select the play button at the bottom center to begin your adventure. For a more immersive experience, you have the option to toggle between windowed and full-screen modes by selecting the enlarge button. This game features narration, which adds to the overall experience, so it’s recommended to leave the sounds on, especially for your first playthrough. As for the game controls, they vary depending on your device. On a desktop, you can use your keyboard with the left and right arrow keys for movement and the up arrow key to jump. If you’re playing on a touchscreen device, simply tap the corresponding arrows to move and jump.

The game’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly. At the top, you’ll find the game title, a display of the coins you’ve collected, and the level number. There’s also a speaker button to control the music and sound effects, and a home button to quit the game and return to the welcome screen. The bottom row features touchscreen controls with left, right, and up arrows for navigation. The gameplay itself is simple yet engaging: help the boy hit the correct colored boxes as he calls them out. Be sure to position him right under the box and jump to hit it, avoiding the wrong boxes. Collecting coins will earn you extra points, and you level up after taking out 5 boxes, with the ultimate goal of leveling up 20 times. Once you’ve mastered the levels, collect the star to finish the game. You earn 10 coins for each correct hit, with ground coins also worth 10 each. However, hitting the wrong box deducts 5 coins, and it’s possible for your score to go negative. This game is perfect for players who enjoy simple color-based games, and it contains no adult-themed content, making it suitable for all ages.