Find the Number (1 to 100)

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About the Game

Starting the Game
Eager to start? Just press the big PLAY button right in the middle. It’ll whisk you away to level 1!

Welcome Screen Buttons
Look at the top left: there’s a button that looks like a speaker. Pressing it turns the game sounds on or off. Over on the top right, there’s a button that tells you about the people who made this game. Need to go back to the main screen? The Home button on the top left will get you there. The How To Play button at the bottom is like a mini instruction manual for the game. It’s super helpful for new players! And see that button beside PLAY? That’s the Timer Toggle. You can decide if you want a timer during the game or not with this.

Game Controls
This is the fun part! Your mission? Find the number that the game asks for and circle as many of them as you can see. At the end of each round, you’ll see how you did. If you’re on a computer, click on the number with your mouse. If you’re using a touch screen, just tap it. After you pick your numbers, hit the Done button. It tells the game you’re ready to see your score. When you’re ready for the next level, just click or tap Next.

Results Screen
Once you’ve tackled all 20 levels, you’ll see a results page. It’ll tell you which ones you got right and which ones tricked you. Want to try again? Hit the Restart button. Done playing for now? The Exit button will take you back to the start.

This game is perfect for young kids learning their numbers. There are 20 levels to play through. Each time, you have to find and select a certain number. But be careful! Once you pick, you can’t change your mind. After every level, you’ll see how many you got right and wrong. And the best part? You can play with or without a timer. If you’re feeling brave, turn the timer on! It’s a bit more challenging. If you’re playing on a phone, it might be a bit small. So, try turning your phone sideways or play on a tablet. This game is great for playing with friends or classmates. It’s a fun way to get better at recognizing numbers. Happy playing!